Table of Contents

  1. What is tech team augmentation?
  2. When is tech team augmentation right for business?
  3. Benefits of tech team augmentation
    1. Flexibility
    2. Access to unique knowledge
    3. Cost control
  4. Working tips for successful tech team augmentation
    1. Set clear needs
    2. Scale the team as needed
    3. Research the recruiting agency
    4. Prepare to communicate your needs

There are so many factors to think about when scaling the tech team — how will the professionals collaborate? What are the communication tools? How to set up all the IT processes correctly? These are just a few of the questions that have to be answered when augmenting the tech team.

What is tech team augmentation?

Tech team augmentation is the processing of outsourcing the hiring process to a third party — an outstaffing partner, a recruitment agency, or professional headhunters. It is usually used by the companies that want to tap into new job markets or save resources on time- and effort-consuming hiring processes.

When is tech team augmentation right for business?

There are several points in time, when tech stuff augmentation becomes the best decision for businesses:

  • When an in-house team is overloaded
  • When there is no needed talent in the market already covered by the business
  • When the business needs to cut down on hiring and operational costs
  • When looking for new tech professionals becomes too much to bear

Apart from making the hiring process easier, tech team augmentation has numerous benefits.

Benefits of tech team augmentation

What are the benefits?


96% of professionals say they need flexibility in their workplace. Businesses are no different — from a small startup to a unicorn enterprise, they want their conditions of team and staff augmentation to be flexible, swift, and efficient.

In this case, a recruitment partner can become a perfect solution because they can:

  • Relieve their client from looking for and interviewing countless candidates
  • Look for different candidates simultaneously without feeling the pressure
  • Deliver results as fast as needed

Partnering up with an outstaffing or a recruitment partner is one of the best ways to expand the team without losing resources.

Access to unique knowledge

Video game combat designers, ethical hackers, data modelers, and geospatial technology professionals — these are unique tech professionals that require unique skills and knowledge. Regular developers, engineers, or designers simply will not be successful in these positions.

Even when not looking for tech specialists this extreme, every unique and complicated position will benefit from tech team augmentation.

Cost control

One full-stack developer in the USA can cost up to $116 thousand a year. The same specialist, hired with the help of the recruitment agency in, for example, Eastern Europe, can cost anywhere from $48 to $80 thousand per year.

Tech team augmentation agency can help businesses save a colossal amount of funds and reach the desired results in the shortest time.

Working tips for successful tech team augmentation

Set clear needs

First and foremost — the business needs have to be clear. There can be no ambiguity and doubt. Answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve by augmenting the team?
  • How many people do you need for the team to be complete?
  • What is the team’s funding?
  • What milestones does the team have to hit to be successful?

Clear goals are a must for any project. But when it comes to expanding your team with new members and professionals, the answer should be formed clearly.

Scale the team as needed

Team augmentation is one of the best ways and most efficient ways to scale your team. So, do not hesitate to use it to its fullest — be sure to scale the team when needed. This way, your project will never fall behind, and the goals will always be hit on time.

Research the recruiting agency

81% of consumers research the product they want to purchase online prior to buying it. With team augmentation being more important than buying a new smartphone, businesses need to be as dedicated and diligent towards choosing their recruitment partner as the regular consumer would be to an online shop.

For the tech team augmentation to go by smoothly:

  • Ask for references — a professional recruitment agency with a squeaky-clean reputation is likely to provide you with their references themselves.
  • Do not hesitate to request a call with the CEO — professional Chief Executive and Integration Officers will gladly take you through the processes to make sure every client is ready to stay with them.
  • Find the right balance — do not rush the decision-making process and do not stall either. Find a sweet spot between a thorough research and a just-on-time decision.

Proper research is one of the most important steps towards a proper tech team augmentation.

Prepare to communicate your needs

Clear and straightforward communication is the key

“I need a developer” — this is not a fully-formed and a proper request to present to a recruitment agency or an outstaffing partner. To properly communicate your needs, assess:

  • Project goals and deadlines
  • Exact list of specialists needed to achieve success
  • Possible tweaks the team might require along the way
  • Full- or part-time team involvement, etc.

We at Outstaff Your Team know how to communicate with both businesses in need of tech teams and the candidates for the jobs correctly. We know how to ask the right question and like to dive deeper into the business needs to find just the right fit for any position. This helps us fill tech positions of any difficulty with ease and right on time.

Interested? Connect with us via [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help you select the best tech candidates for the job.

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