IT Staff Augmentation Services

IT staff augmentation allows businesses to scale the existing teams with additional professionals on a constant or on-demand basis. IT staff augmentation services let businesses quickly fill tech positions and boost their efficiency as a result.

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Complete your team with new players:

  • Node JS
  • UX/UI
  • Python
  • Full Stack
  • Mobile
  • ML Dev

Types of Staff Augmentation

  • Team Extension with Extra Skills

    Team Extension with Extra Skills

    Sometimes, existing tech teams’ workload gets too big, and without IT staff augmentation, it results in fast burnouts, overdue tasks, big backlogs, and high churn rate. With the services of an IT staff augmentation company, your business will be able to get seasoned developers and extend the IT department with top-tier specialists. Hiring professionals equipped with specific knowledge and dedication to the tech industry is easier and more efficient with an IT staff augmentation service provider.

  • Short-term Staff Augmentation Service

    Short-term Staff Augmentation Service

    Want to strengthen your team for an upcoming release? Need extra help for the holidays? Looking for some additional hands during the vacation season? Our IT staff augmentation service got you covered! With Outstaff Your Team, you will be able to augment staff and receive that extra help whenever you need it.

  • Long-Term Dedicated Teams

    Long-Term Dedicated Teams

    Businesses turn to IT staff augmentation not only when they have short-term augmentation needs. IT staff augmentation is also a perfect solution for businesses that need to hire long-term employees and get permanent solutions to their tech staff shortages.

    It is also the best solution for businesses that want not only to hire professionals with specific skills, but retain them for a long time.

  • Tech Teams from Scratch

    Tech Teams from Scratch

    An IT staff augmentation service is not only about short-term solutions. It is also about being able to build a required tech team from scratch. Build your developing team and all its processes according to your business requirements. Scale it as needed with top-tier seasoned IT professionals and be sure of your project’s continued success.

IT Staff Augmentation Service: Our Approach


Identifying your Requirements

We know how to “listen between the lines” and to hear what you don’t even say.

To understand your requirements, we dive deep into your business' goals and objectives and analyze your current hiring needs. This way, we provide quality software development staff augmentation services and give you the tech pros who will deliver.


Candidates Screening

Who wants to waste time on meeting candidates who just don’t match the team’s requirements? We know that you don’t. That is why we conduct a thorough screening of all IT candidates and only set up your interviews with those who will fully answer your demands.


Technical Interviews

No need to spend your resources on all stages of interviews. Our outstaffing team meets with candidates prior to technical interviews to make sure you are introduced only to those, who suit your business needs, tech specifications, and project goals. Once we identified the best fit for you, we invite you to a technical interview, so that you could make an informed decision.


Newcomers Onboarding

Onboarding, as simple as it may seem, is a very complicated and important part of a professional’s successful integration into your team. Our IT team augmentation services will take on everything and introduce your new hires to your company policies, team culture and project. We also take care of the entire scope of documents they need to sign and will provide them with everything they require to start performing their job functions well.


Employer of Record and Operations

As a professional outstaffing agency, we can go far beyond IT staff augmentation services. We can also provide employer of record and operations services by becoming your official hiring partner far beyond your geography. We will find the most skilled and best-trained tech specialists around the globe, thus expanding your reach and making sure your business can fulfill its potential.

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  • Why Outstaff Your Team:

  • On-demand Talent Augmentation

    With Outstaff Your Team’s IT staff augmentation services, you can choose the skills you need most for your projects to succeed and grow.

  • Flexible Workforce

    Our outstaffing team will provide you with any type of cooperation: long-term and short-term tech teams, tech professionals with any level of seniority and skill set. Together with you, we will adapt your hiring pace to any kind of market changes.

  • Access to Different Time Zones

    Get access to the global tech talent pool and become bigger, stronger, and more advanced. Expand your team with diverse tech talent that match your schedule.

  • You are in the Loop

    Our IT staff augmentation services do not end after onboarding. After the launch of your tech team, we will keep you in the loop and will always keep you updated on the team’s operations and well-being.

  • People Ops on us

    Forget wasting your time on paperwork. Upon request, we will take on the entire scope of paperwork. We will gladly take care of all the operational routine and administrative duties, which will allow you to focus on your business growth and development.

  • Quality Control in Your Hands

    While our IT staff augmentation services will permeate your hiring process, we still leave as much control over the team’s process and performance to you as you want. You can also freely communicate with your team and conduct quality control as needed.

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Unlock the full potential of your tech business with new players in the team.



Success Stories

DaisyDisk + Outstaff Your Team

The client needed to level up their website with up-to-date visuals and was looking for a Web Designer to augment their team for this particular project. The company required a tech specialist with in-depth expertise in visual design and first-hand knowledge of UI/UX to be outstaffed by us.

We found a suitable professional in a timely manner thanks to our extensive database with profiles and contacts. We monitored the progress of the project and ensured the client was satisfied with the result.


Company: DaisyDisk

Specialty: Web Designer

Field: Software

Technologies: Figma, Adobe Suite

Softorino + Outstaff Your Team

Being a small indie software company, Softorino traditionally focuses on development, and doesn’t need a separate in-house HR team to recruit tech talent occasionally. That’s where our Talent Acquisition team stepped in. The client needed a qualified marketing specialist with fluent English, matching soft skills and love to technologies.

We started with a deep analysis of the company requirements and a detailed research of the market. As a result, the CEO of the company couldn’t choose one candidate at the final stage, so they decided to move forward with both


Company: Softorino

Specialty: Digital Marketing Specialist

Niche: macOS & iOS Software

MONOBUNT + Outstaff Your Team

A digital marketing agency, that specializes in online sales, had been using outsourcing services for technical support before they realized an alternative type of cooperation was required. When their business needs had changed, they figured out that an outstaffing model is now more suitable, and made a decision to use our outstaffing services.

We took on all the time-consuming and tedious processes, such as paperwork, payroll, taxes, and administrative tasks. This helps the client oversee the entire’s team workflow and stay focused on their business operations.



Specialty: Tier 2 Support Specialist

Niche: Digital Marketing

Technologies: HTML, CSS, CMS Wordpress, PHP, JavaScript

Client Testimonials

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Josh Brown

Josh Brown

CEO at Softorino Inc.

CEO at Softorino Inc.
“Outstaff Your Team was able to scout experienced Software Engineers needed for development of macOS and iOS software in the shortest time. They also did market compensation research for us to have a clear understanding of the tech market trends for these positions.”
Oleg Krupnov

Oleg Krupnov

CEO at Software Ambience

CEO at Software Ambience
“Outstaff Your Team stood out among many other companies because they really took the time to understand our business and industry. Thanks to that, the Talent Acquisition team was able to provide a specialist who executed all web design stages from concept to implementing.”
Gerald Emprechtinger

Gerald Emprechtinger


“Thanks to our new L2 Support Engineer outstaffed by Outstaff Your Team, we managed to establish and maintain efficient and well-timed communication between our customers, project managers, and the development team.”
Roman Lutsyshyn

Roman Lutsyshyn

CEO at NLP Lab

CEO at NLP Lab
“With Outstaff Your Team our time to hire reduced in half, and we saved time on a lot of routine, operational processes. With their proactive approach to communication, we are in the loop every step of the way, from the recruitment process to daily operations.”
Hugh O'Morain

Hugh O'Morain

CEO at Flowte

CEO at Flowte
“It is convenient that Outstaff Your Team can adjust the team size on demand based on project requirements, and can offer a wide range of good tech candidates.”

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What’s the secret?


What are the main benefits of staff augmentation for tech businesses?

The main benefits of software development staff augmentation are the speed of the hiring services and access to the global market of high-skilled tech talent.

When is it time for your company to consider staff augmentation?

IT team augmentation services are the best solution for businesses that seek tech professionals with rare or very specific tech knowledge, and for companies that need a few more hands for an existing project.

What are tech team augmentation challenges, and how does Outstaff Your Team tackle them?

One of the biggest challenges of tech team augmentation is mismatched expectations. To avoid this, we conduct a meticulous discovery stage and regularly touch-base with a client about the requirements during the hiring process.

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