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  1. Flexibility
  2. Reduced costs and turnover risk
  3. High level of expertise
  4. The fullest control
  5. The possibility to safely focus on the business strategy

Outstaffing and outsourcing help businesses expand with young and experienced professionals without spending resources on hiring and onboarding.

Just like outsourcing, outstaffing provides companies with the opportunity to reinforce themselves with experienced tech teams when needed. What are other advantages of outstaffing, and how can businesses leverage it for an intense growth?


Flexibility increases work satisfaction by 73%

The software market is expected to reach $800 billion in revenue by 2025. With profits, grow expectations, demand, and the need for flexibility.

Outstaffing provides businesses and tech teams with the possibility to scale and improve themselves with tech professionals. By utilizing outstaffing, businesses rid themselves of the need to set up additional working stations and spend resources on recruitment, hiring, onboarding, operations, retention, and regular check-ins with the team.

This allows tech companies not only to reduce the level of pressure, but to put more attention into building an efficiently flexible work environment, which helps 73% of professionals increase their satisfaction with work.

Reduced costs and turnover risk

An average cost of hiring a developer is:

Outstaffing allows tech companies to reduce the cost of expanding and running their tech teams, while maintaining the same high quality of product development and knowledge they require.

Outstaffing companies can also reduce the turnover risk by providing tech specialists with attention and mentorship and by managing the processes around them. This allows them to focus on their main tasks and always be at their most efficient.

High level of expertise

Outstaffing companies are aimed at looking for professionals with a specific set of skills. They know how to look for, communicate with, and test the level of knowledge of the tech professionals as well as provide a smooth candidate experience, which helps retain up to 63% of candidates.

Knowing all requirements of the market, outstaffing teams can take care of training and retaining tech professionals. In general, their high level of expertise not only helps businesses, but sets high standards for the industry as a whole.

The fullest control

Outstaffing lets businesses fully control the team’s professional development, work, and results. This allows tech companies to build the relationship as they would with in-house developers and retain full control over the team’s work.

With outstaffing being a new niche, businesses often opt for outsourcing, which limits businesses in their ability to control the development process. Outsourced teams take on the development with agreed-upon resources. Outstaffing provides companies with as much control over the team as they require or want to have. It is a better option for those who want to have full control over the project and direct impact on what’s going on inside the team.

The possibility to safely focus on the business strategy

Secure solutions allows businesses to focus on their goals

66% of large businesses are more likely to outsource and outstaff than small ones. That is due to large companies’ need to focus on their business strategy, which takes a lot of resources. Outstaffing allows different companies to focus on their business goals and strategy without having to worry about expanding and teaching their tech teams. They can also do it without having to worry about the security of their project and the safety of their data. Outstaffing with a professional team provides multiple levels of security and insurance.

For example, OutstaffYourTeam is fully PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider and ISO certified. Data security is in our corporate DNA.

If a business lacks budgeting, staff, or management, outstaffing is the best way to set up the recruitment process, control the tech team, and make sure there are no roadblocks for a streamlined and safe collaboration.

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