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  1. How to spot a team ready for scaling?
  2. How to effectively scale a tech team with the help of the outstaffing agency?
    1. Make sure they have a multi-layered interview process
    2. Adjust your expectations
    3. Check for automation
    4. Promote trust
    5. Keep in touch
  3. Can company culture be preserved when the tech team is expanded remotely?

Company culture is often protected vigorously. And with good reason. Modern businesses spend years establishing it and hand-pick tech professionals to preserve and maintain it for years. It is also the reason why businesses often delay outstaffing, even if this is a perfect way for them to extend their tech team and find new and interesting candidates.

We at Outstaff Your Team know for sure — team augmentation, tech staffing services, remote operations, preserving and even developing corporate culture do mix. And we know exactly what businesses have to look for in their outstaffing partners to make sure their culture and productivity stay the same.

How to spot a team ready for scaling?

  • The deadlines are missed — missed deadlines are a perfect indicator a tech team needs scaling and adjusting.
  • The team needs specific knowledge to succeed — tech positions evolve and tech requirements change. To keep up with them, tech teams need to grow and add new talent.
  • The business is growing — a growing business imposes the need to grow on all its departments, tech included.

What are the best ways to satisfy a business' need for new specialists and maintain its culture and productivity?

How to effectively scale a tech team with the help of the outstaffing agency?

Make sure they have a multi-layered interview process

Several rounds of interviews help select the best fit for the team

84% of recruiters say a culture fit is one of the most important points of the hiring process. HR professionals are looking for those with the best and most modern knowledge and make sure new hires fit the team and company culture to a T.

Here is where a multi-layered hiring process comes to the rescue. When turning to an IT staff augmentation services provider, make sure they conduct several rounds of interview and know about the specificities of your company culture and the intricacies of your work.

To hire the best candidates, we at Outstaff Your Team:

  • Conduct preliminary interviews and see if a candidate can proceed
  • Help our clients check every candidate’s soft and hard skills
  • Conduct face-to-face interviews online or in-person
  • Take notice of even the most minor details in candidates’ behavior or attitude
  • Make sure candidates’ values and work outlook align with ones of our clients’
  • Reject candidates if they do not seem like a good fit

These steps help us make sure we provide our clients with the best and most valid tech candidates in the international job market.

Adjust your expectations

When venturing into international tech hiring, expectations of lightning-fast hiring or next-to-zero cost of the process are almost certain to turn into a disappointment. One of the best ways to have correct expectations from the hiring process:

  • Study the market
  • Communicate all the requirements to the outstaffing professionals
  • Know exactly what your new teammates have to know to be successful
  • Keep your outstaffing professionals in-the-know about the project’s changes

Having the right expectations and knowing exactly what they are looking for will help any business hire tech specialists without disrupting their culture and efficiency.

Check for automation

About 50% of today’s work can be automated. For HR professionals, this number is even higher — 56%. About half of the HR professionals think automation will make their work easier, especially when it comes to recruitment.

Every efficient outstaffing team has to have an automation system that will help them sort through hundreds of CV’s faster and will take routine tasks, like testing, responding to resumes, and categorizing candidates according to their skills, off of their shoulders.

At Outstaff Your Team, such systems not only ensure correct categorization and processing of candidates’ information. It also allows us to sort through our candidate base and find the tech professionals with the required skills faster, which speeds up the interviewing process and ensures we fill our clients’ positions fast.

Promote trust

Choose the outstaffing partner you can trust

Trust is one of the most important aspects of the outstaffing process. It should also be present in your relationship with the candidates and newbies hired with their help. Their integration into the team should be controlled, but they should also have freedom to express their opinion and implement new solutions that will ultimately help your product grow and your company culture develop.

Trusting everyone involved in an outstaffing process is an integral part of its success.

Keep in touch

Correct and constant communication is the key to success, especially when entrusting your hiring to a third party. Never hesitate to discuss the hiring process and be sure to relay your company’s culture and main values to them.

Can company culture be preserved when the tech team is expanded remotely?

We at Outstaff Your Team say — absolutely.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught the entire world how to communicate and preserve culture and quality of communication remotely. Online team building, regular one-on-one meetings, and virtual water-cooler gatherings, although quite simple, can be very effective when it comes to extending the team remotely.

Company culture usually takes years to establish and huge effort to maintain. But, with the help of the right talent management services provider that knows all secrets of selecting perfect tech candidates, onboarding newcomers, managing custom NDAs, contracts, payroll, and daily operations routine, your company culture and productivity may not only be maintained but will develop and become even better.

Interested in scaling your tech team? Reach out to us at [email protected].

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