Global tech teams cannot avoid going asynchronous. Working from different countries and different time zones, professionals are left with the option to communicate not in real time, but during everyone’s working hours, which do not always coincide.

Tech professionals may also prefer asynchronous communication, even when working with their team in the same office, as a lot of them do not want to be disturbed while concentrating on a task. Quick IMs in Slack or Discord can interrupt intense concentration, which can be frustrating.

What should every global tech team know about asynchronous communication?

What is asynchronous communication?

Simply put, asynchronous communication is any communication that does not happen in real time. Messages and emails that are not received in real time and answered right away, are a part of asynchronous communication — simple as that.

Benefits of asynchronous communication

Decreased meeting fatigue

Most professionals attend 62 video meetings per month. 41% of them admit they multitask during these meetings. 23% of tech professionals say they are extremely fatigued, when it comes to video meetings.

Asynchronous communication can reduce so-called ‘Zoom fatigue’. Different working hours mean no or next to no video calls and life-time discussions, which means no fatigue and higher productivity.

Diverse ideas

Diversity in ideas is the key to success

Weird as it may sound, synchronous communication can become a real obstacle on the way towards effective and creative collaboration. Real-time meetings do not always provide the opportunity for every member of the team to voice their ideas and concerns or ask their questions. This is even more true for women and representatives of minorities.

Asynchronous communication can provide tech teams with a necessary time buffer for everyone not only to voice their ideas, but to think every suggestion over and make the best of every suggestion that comes to the table.

For a large tech team, asynchronous communication can be a real gift for high productivity and creativity.

Better collaborative effort

When a large tech team is spread around the globe, trying to set up regular video meetings and live discussions is counterproductive. Not everyone will be able to attend and be at their best, especially when a meeting is set to start at the end of a grueling work day.

A tech team that knows how to stay productive while communicating asynchronously will never have this problem and will always stay efficient. Email threads, messengers, and project management software such as Asana or Trello will help the team make sure their project is progressing as it should.

Setting up asynchronous communication for effective collaboration takes dedication and patience. What are the secrets of the process?

How to implement asynchronous tech team communication

Train the team on using collaborative tools

Asynchronous communication is a skill. And one that can be developed. To make sure all tech professionals are comfortable working with any software and do not lose their efficiency:

  • Conduct surveys to find out which software is the most comfortable for every member of the team.
  • Provide every tech professional with all the information they need.
  • Implement all the necessary updates on time, to keep asynchronous communication efficient.

Stay in touch with your team and conduct non-stop training sessions to be productive while communicating asynchronously.

Encourage and practice transparency

Tech teams working in a highly transparent environment are 76% more engaged than those working in low-trust teams. Open and transparent relationships not only between teammates, but between the team and its managers are proven to create perfect conditions for high productivity and can become a driving force between the decision-making process and diversifying ideas, even if the team is working asynchronously.

Conduct team building activities

Team building is one of the best ways to make an asynchronous team efficient

If the team is working asynchronously and from different countries or even continents, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require team building. Make sure the members of the tech team communicate with each other regularly and can dedicate time to participate in online games, trivia or even a simple book club.

Asynchronous communication does not have to be a team breaker. The right approach to the matter can turn it into one of the most efficient communication and collaboration techniques.

Asynchronous vs synchronous tech communication

Asynchronous Synchronous
✅ Provides flexibility ✅ Real-time resolutions
✅ Makes sure all members of the team are involved in all the processes ✅ Effective, live communication and collaboration
✅ Different time zones-friendly ✅ Has a team building effect
❌ Prolongs the decision-making process ❌ Can be disruptive for team productivity due to its in-the-moment nature
❌ May create disruptions in communication ❌ Does not tolerate teams that work from different time zones

Modern businesses tend to avoid asynchronous tech team communication. This approach seems unproductive and inefficient to them. But, with the right tools and the readiness to set up an efficient team, an asynchronous approach can be a real treat.

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Anna has 6-years overall experience in writing. She previously observed financial markets, conducting the daily research on the state of bonds and stocks. She is a keen reader with interest in historical literature and international cuisine. Her latest obsession — approaches to creating family-like teams in remote times.

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