A whopping 97.6% of professionals want to have the possibility to work remotely. This leads to an incredible success of remote work and remote hiring. Tech teams are no exception to the rule.

56% of businesses allow remote work, which means they will keep on utilizing tech staffing services — one of the best decisions they can make for their growth and future success.

Remote tech team hiring: perks

There are many perks to remote tech hiring

It decreases business costs

On average, the cost of having an in-house tech professional is $60 thousand per year. And that doesn't include the cost of setting up and maintaining a working space for every member of the tech team. By hiring remote tech professionals, businesses can save up to $10 thousand per year by cutting costs on office accommodations.

To bring this to life, companies can turn to a professional IT staff augmentation service provider that can help them find perfect tech candidates for any position.

Remote teams can be more productive

Collectively, businesses lose up to $550 billion annually due to lost productivity — long coffee breaks, chats by the water cooler, long face-to-face syncs with colleagues, etc. These can eat up the team’s productivity and decrease the time the professionals can spend on each task.

Tech teams that work remotely avoid all office distractions and can remain more productive. They also save time on commute and can establish a better life-work balance. They can further use this extra free time to educate themselves and keep on developing their skills.

Remote teams can save money

Apart from saving business costs, remote teams save money for themselves. No need to commute (the cost of commuting can add up to anywhere between $2 thousand and $5 thousand per year), order office lunches, and chip in on birthday presents for coworkers allows tech professionals to save their funds and distribute them however they want.

It’s… green

An unexpected perk of remote tech hiring — it is good for the environment. 70% of professionals say a company’s eco initiatives is one of the core factors when it comes to choosing a place of work.

When it comes to remote tech hiring and the environment, there are a couple of undisputed facts:

  • 1% of vehicle reduction causes three-fold decrease in traffic jams.
  • Traffic jams are the reason for 26 million tons of greenhouse gasses being emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Remote work, even part-time, equals fewer cars on the road and less pollution.

Unexpected and very pleasant perk.

It opens up more talent and speeds the process up

Remote tech hiring allows businesses to tap into undiscovered talent pools. Without third-party recruiters or outstaffing agencies, the US businesses would have no access to a global job market — a market with trained, highly motivated, and educated tech professionals.

Outstaffed tech hiring can also go faster than an in-house one. Some countries in the EU require up to 3 months leave notice, which makes checking a wider pool of candidates worth its while. At Outstaff Your Team, we are looking for perfect tech candidates across different countries and even world regions, which results in speedier and more efficient team expansion.

Fast hiring means the project can develop faster and sooner.

How to expand the tech team with the help of an outstaffing company?

Make sure your job requirements are clear

When cooperating with the outstaffing agency, make sure your requirements for the candidates are clear. State:

  • The level of education
  • Country of residence and time zone
  • Needed soft and hard skills
  • Previous work experience, etc.

Your requirements should be understandable for everyone involved in the process. This will help them narrow down the number of suitable candidates and make the right pick for the position.

Filter applications

The inflow of applications, especially for coveted positions or requiring popular skills, like zero-coding specialists or UX/UI designers, is usually very big — on average, a business gets up to 250 resumes per position. Among them, only 66% of candidates will get an interview.

Make sure your outstaffing partner knows how to properly filter resumes and doesn’t waste time on interviews with unsuitable candidates.

Set up a clear interview process

Now to the interview process. Discuss the questions and the test tasks that should 100% be present in it. What answers should a recruiter work for and how long should a test task resolution take? Establish clear scopes and set the most clear interview process possible.

This will not only help you expand the tech team efficiently, but will also promote your brand as an employer.

Be in sync with your recruiter

Stay in sync with your recruitment partner and do not forget to update them on the new details in your requirements. Monitor the process as much as you deem needed. Close collaboration will ensure only the best tech candidates are hired for your project.

Remote tech hiring: are there any challenges?

Time zone management

Different time zones might become a challenge

Time zone management is one of the biggest challenges when expanding your tech team remotely. To remain productive while working in different time zones, your tech professionals need:

  • A work and collaboration management system like Asana or Trello.
  • Regular syncs and team building activities that take place during everyone’s working hours (for some they will be in the first half of the day, for some in the second).
  • Policies and guidelines that will help track everyone’s efficiency and communication with one another.

Making any tech team into an efficient one is not easy, but it is completely doable with the right tools and approach.

Language barrier

A lot of businesses have never turned to third-party recruiters because they are afraid of the language barrier that might arise on the way to perfect collaboration. Those seeking tech talent in Easter Europe have nothing to worry about. Research shows the following level of English fluency in the Eastern European countries (how many people are fluent in English in the country):

  • Slovenia — 63%
  • Poland — 62%
  • Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary — 60%
  • Slovakia, Bulgaria — 58%
  • Ukraine — 53%

More than half of the population of the Eastern European countries is fluent in English. The numbers grow when it comes to young tech professionals who want to build their career in an industry as global as IT, which means the language barrier is virtually non-existent.

Cultural background

Some businesses may be hesitant to mix different cultures in the same team. They think mixed teams may come across roadblocks and, due to different backgrounds, will not know how to resolve them.

In reality, 75% of professionals claim they want to be a part of diverse teams, 50% want their current workplace to be more diverse, and 30% go as far as to say they are more productive when they work in a multicultural environment.

Businesses seeking outstaffing or third-party recruitment agencies can harness the power of different cultural backgrounds, resolve their task faster, and overall be more efficient.

Remote tech hiring: conclusion

Remote tech hiring is a must for businesses that want to expand their operation, find new talent quickly and at scale, save funds, and ensure the success of the project. When done properly, it is absolutely worth the effort and can become one of the best strategies to team expansions a business has ever tried.

Looking for a way to expand your tech team? Write to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.

Anna has 6-years overall experience in writing. She previously observed financial markets, conducting the daily research on the state of bonds and stocks. She is a keen reader with interest in historical literature and international cuisine. Her latest obsession — approaches to creating family-like teams in remote times.

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