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Outstaffing Services for MONOBUNT

A Tier 2 Support Specialist was outstaffed by us to a digital marketing agency. We took on paperwork, administrative routine and retention processes to help the client stay focused on business operations.






Tier 2 Support Specialist


Digital Marketing


HTML, CSS, CMS WordPress, PHP, JavaScript

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About Company

MONOBUNT is a digital marketing agency that offers tailor-made solutions for e-commerce, UX design, search engine marketing (SEO + SEA), conversion rate optimization, and web analytics & tracking.


MONOBUNT has been referred to us when they realized that their business needs have shifted. They needed to:

Get control of the Tier 2 Support Specialist’s workflow directly

Delegate administrative operations

Have paperwork and payrollhandled by a partner

Get a fixed fee every month

The demand of IT Support Specialist is projected to grow by 6-8% by 2030.


Why the outstaffing model is more fitting for the Client?

We take care of operational processes and retention.

The assigned Account Manager updates regularly with any changes and news on the progress.

We are in charge of the tech specialist’s retention.

Our L2 Support Specialist has a good knowledge of technologies, which ensures a streamlined and steady workflow in the team.

L1 Support

Level 1 or Tier 1 Support Specialist is responsible for handling simple issues: password resets, software installations, basic troubleshooting.

L2 Support

Level 2 Support takes care of more complex tasks: diagnosing and fixing complex system and network problems, in-depth troubleshooting of software and hardware issues.

L3 Support

The IT Support Specialist at this level handles technical incidents of a rare nature. They design solutions and solve the issues which other levels can’t handle.


Direct Contact with a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Direct Contact with a Talent Acquisition Specialist

The client was able to communicate directly with our point of contact for any questions and updates.

Frequent reports

Frequent reports

Our Talent Acquisition team provided regular reports about the candidate pipeline for the client’s position.

Well-established recruiting process

Well-established recruiting process

With 13+ years of expertise, we have acquired our own recruiting techniques that allow us to attract top-level talent that match the client’s requirements.

Data-backed time-to-fill

Data-backed time-to-fill

Based on data and analytics, we successfully predicted time-to-fill for this position.

73% of our clients, who would like to outstaff Tech Support, require an L2 Support Specialist to cover their business needs.

Gerald Emprechtinger
Gerald Emprechtinger



“The Support Engineer provided by Outstaff Your Team works remotely, but he is an integral part of the team. Basically, I’ve got nothing to worry about in regard to the customer service proces.”


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Optimized workflow

Reduced the Project Managers’ workload due to augmenting the team with a dedicated tech support specialist.

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Satisfied tech support engineer

We use different retention practices to keep track of our specialists’ well-being and motivation.

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Enhanced customers’ experience

The Tier 2 Support Specialist outstaffed by us established effective communication between customers and the development team.

92% of our clients recommend Outstaff Your Team to their partners and friends.

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Other Сases

Staff Augmentation for Software Ambience


Find a Web Designer with a deep expertise in Figma and Adobe Suite for the website redesign project.


Refreshed website pages with a contemporary design and enhanced our team capacity thanks to a new UI/UX Designer provided by Outstaff Your Team.

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“From the very beginning, communication with the Outstaff Your Team representatives was very easy. The guys were flexible and adjusted to our needs.”

Oleg Krupnov
Oleg Krupnov


Tech Recruiting for Softorino


Handpick a Digital Marketing Specialist passionate about tech for the indie mac OS & iOS development company.


The recruitment process lasted 15 days, and the Client decided to move forward with more specialists than initially planned, as it was hard to choose.

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“Our cooperation with Outstaff Your Team saved us time and effort. The team did a great prep work by collecting all the preliminary details before the sourcing started.”

Josh Brown
Josh Brown


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