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    Happy New Year to you all!

    Another year full of challenges and new achievements is drawing to a close, and I’d like to thank our team for being perseverant, resilient, and united during 2022. This year, we turned every challenge into an opportunity and proved everything is possible if you go the extra mile.

    Special thanks to our clients for their continuous support and cooperation. We love being a part of your teams and seeing you succeed in what you do.

    As we enter the New Year with hope and joy in our hearts, I believe next year we will be able to take care of even more tech teams for businesses around the world.

    Cheers to new achievements the upcoming year brings us 🥂

    Let’s rock the 2023 together!

    Ann Kuss by Ann Kuss
    on December 30, 2022.

    Ann Kuss is the CEO of Outstaff Your Team. After 10 years of expertise in building remote tech teams for startup unicorns and global tech brands, Ann decided to lead a new venture aiming to reinvent the way remote tech teams scale. Ann graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla business school, is an MIM Kyiv alumna, and regularly takes part in mentorship programs for junior tech talents.

    I need full stack:

    ✔︎ PHP
    ✔︎ MySQL
    ✔︎ GIT
    ✔︎ Javascript
    ✔︎ CSS/LESS
    ✔︎ Full Stack
    ✔︎ Remote work

    + Quick Search
    + Payroll
    + Risks Coverage

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