Greetings from Outstaff Your Team! We remove restrictions for growing tech businesses by matching our clients with unique skills and taking on the hiring paperwork and talent retention.

This year, the competition for tech talent has become especially fierce. 60% of tech businesses struggled with the concern of how to recruit software developers in 2023, as there was lack of specialists who’ve mastered the most trending technologies. In those conditions, our data-driven approach to Talent Acquisition was a win-win solution for many tech teams, which needed to fill IT skill gaps ASAP.

During 2023, we expanded our presence in the global IT outstaffing market by strengthening our core team 2x and our clients’ teams 3x. Let's briefly look back at the path that we have nailed this year. You may find out that you are reading about the People Partner who’s on the same page with you 😉

Outstaff Your Team’s Mission-2023: Professionals in Focus and Clients in Care

In general, we’ve increased our global tech teams by 333%. Being an international IT staffing provider, we unite tech businesses from countries where software development needs more hands and/or unique skills than is available locally.

Outstaff Your Team’s clients and tech teams in 2023

During the last year, we were staffing for B2B IT companies 4X more compared to B2C ones. The majority of our clients come from these 5 countries:

  • The USA;

  • Denmark;

  • Germany;

  • The UK;

  • Lithuania.

As for the most popular countries where the hired specialists live, they include Poland, Armenia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic. Actually, the best countries to hire software developers in 2023 were not limited to those destinations. Usually, we stick to the individual client’s needs and decide on the most suitable location during discovery calls.

There are some business areas which we have served especially intensively and some team roles which were especially popular among our candidates.

Our current projects are related to improving customer experience in different ways. In 2023, we have scaled teams, mostly, for such domains as SaaS and E-commerce. Some of the companies which opt for outstaffing with us are:

  • The team from Ireland developing all in one platforms for managing E-commerce, Marketing, CRM & Analytics for businesses;

  • Zendesk partner from Denmark providing full-service CX consultancy;

  • Fast-growing Ecommerce automation and integration platform;

  • A popular platform for creating media solutions.

As the digital world is becoming extremely realistic, we were happy to stay ahead of the curve and expand our domain coverage by hiring Unity Developers and Product XR Designers for the project related to AR/VR technologies.

Together with our clients, we’ve realized the growing importance of adapting to GenAI as a cross-industry tool which can provide outstanding commercial results. During 2023, our talent acquisition team have accumulated a huge experience in interviewing specialists with prompt engineering, machine learning, and data analytics skills. Exploring a bunch of places where AI enthusiasts crowd online helped us find the seasoned ML Developers for the AI solutions provider crafting smart NLP-based assistants.

By the way, could you guess the last of the drastically in-demand positions in 2023? It was a solid aim to hire Blockchain Developers who can take part in building the ecosystem for art digitizing and distribution. This was a kind of a stress test for Outstaff Your Team. According to the stats provided by our Talent Acquisition department, this position is one of the most hard-to-fill in the tech talent market: 3x higher level of complexity compared to web developers, for instance. Having nailed it, we’ve passed a new milestone in developing robust outstaffing services.

Outstaff Your Team popular positions and domains in 2023

It is worthy to note that:

  • The most popular role-2023 among candidates was Middle JavaScript Developer. We received about 900 applications for this position from specialists from all over the world.

  • The top in-demand programming languages in 2023 were PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, C# (using Unity framework), HTML Coder.

  • One of our tech polyglots has mastered 10 programming languages: PHP, Delphi, Java, Swift, JavaScript, C++, SQL, and others.

Take a Closer Look at Our Approach to Building Tech Teams

Core Team Transformations

In April 2023, we celebrated our 2nd Company Anniversary. Our core team became highly close-knit by that time. Everyone knew what professional goals they wanted to achieve, and everyone saw the impact of teamwork on the project’s progress.

Plus, we’ve extended the list of our corporate traditions with failure-sharing sessions. This lifehack is a great failure prevention strategy, because “baby bugs” which don’t seriously impact the workflow could be easily fixed before they become “adult bugs”. Moreover, such a tradition brings the trust within the team to the high-sky level, and where the trust arises, commitment and innovation blossom.

Step by step, Outstaff Your Team worked on ambitious plans and needed reinforcement. Thus, we’ve scaled our team, Marketing and Talent Acquisition departments, twice by the end of the year. For now, new specialists are immersed into the established processes seamlessly, because our hiring strategy suggests conducting thorough background checks and spotting culturally fit candidates. We think using this targeted approach for both client and core teams’ scaling is an additional proof of that approach’s efficiency.

Core Team Activities

We are to convert Outstaff Your Team’s teamwork into numbers to see where our effort have brought us.

Main Outstaff Your Team HR Activities-2023

The price for delivering matching talent — 2,936 interviews held and 32,118 CVs reviewed.

The price for delivering motivated talent loyal in the long run — 158 milestone talks with specialists arranged.

As a result, we’ve hit our target of 2023 — hire and retain 70 first-class specialists.

Educating and Recharging Social Life

The most of Outstaff Your Team works remotely, so we especially value in-person meetings — feels like an insight each time.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The biggest event we can recall was Dublin Tech Summit in June. It was all about staying aligned with the global tech space. The main topic was related to AI’s security, as currently different AIs have various ways to access and process data, which raises questions of ensuring privacy. More and more companies strive to get security certifications like PCI-DSS and ISO/IEC. Fortunately, we are already GDPR-, CCPA-compliant and ISO-certified and renew our certifications annually. Yet, we totally agreed with the speakers that overcoming the ethical AI challenges remains one of the main tasks for AI development and users in 2024.

Another interesting insight was about the next blockchain boom after the crypto winter. Taking into account that data, we started to prepare for hiring more Blockchain developers for the projects of different sizes.

During the summit, it was exciting to see that trends for recession and budget optimization don’t stall software development, but rather stimulate tech business leaders to look for innovative solutions. Some of those solutions are building agile development teams and hiring pre-vetted tech talent.

Closer to the end of the year, in October, we have decided to arrange an informal team building aka devirtualization. Sharing a dinner with teammates has brought us a lot of warm emotions, which are so in demand during cold days.

Public Recognitions We Are Proud Of

Well, tracking that we are moving towards success would be difficult without public recognitions.

Outstaff Your Team’s recognitions-2023
  • In November, Outstaff Your Team has become one of the Best B2B Service Providers in 2023 by UpCity.

  • The week before Christmas, Clutch recognized us as the top HR outsourcing and staff augmentation company.

We must say those were pleasant and well-deserved presents, as they confirm our clients admire our hard work and in-depth expertise.

According to the survey conducted for our blog post recently, our team members find our onboarding and further cooperation with Outstaff Your Team comfortable, which is a key indicator of the smoothly running People Ops.

2023 Was a Breathtaking Yet Well-planned Journey

The passing year has proved that humans are irreplaceable members of IT teams. We still need people to build AI systems, control AI’s ethics, security and privacy, create fully functional apps rather than machine-generated prototypes, and engage the smartest candidates by launching targeted hiring campaigns and examining their soft skills.

We think non-stop upskilling and time management should be called the most important words of 2023 in Tech HR. These 2 approaches have helped us cope with all the evolving strategic tasks and bring value to our clients.

With our can-do attitude and significant achievements of 2023, we have all the reasons to claim that we are ready to grow and change next year.

Here's to a successful and People-driven 2024!

Ann Kuss is the CEO at Outstaff Your Team. After 11 years of expertise in building remote tech teams for startup unicorns and global tech brands, Ann decided to lead a new venture aiming to reinvent the way international tech teams scale. Throughout her career, Ann hired specialists for countless tech positions from more than 17 countries on all major continents. Ann graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla business school, is an MIM Kyiv alumna, and regularly takes part in mentorship programs for junior tech talents. Ann actively promotes knowledge sharing and curates Outstaff Your Team blog strategy, preferring topics that solve practical needs of IT leaders. She believes that structuring business flows (including hiring) is a well-planned journey with predictable and successful outcome.

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