Recruit & Retain:
Winning Tech Talent’s Hearts as Times Change

4 out of 10 businesses can’t keep their key team members as long as they used to before. In the meantime, the average turnover cost to replace a tech specialist is 30% of their annual compensation. Is your company equipped with the tools to keep your best on board?

This e-book unveils unique viewpoints and remarkable insights from our 13-year experience gathered by our Talent Acquisition team. Turn your new hires into long-term team members!

What’s inside?


Time-tested retention techniques to keep your best tech specialists motivated.


Financial vs. non-financial rewards. What do tech teams really need to feel appreciated?


Tips on how data analysis in HR Ops can save resources and time for your tech company.


Tech pro’s lifecycle in the team and how to act during each competence stage of the newly-hired.


Best practices of talent retention strategies used by successful companies.

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