On February 24, 2022, at 5 AM, the lives of all Ukrainian people changed. Russia started an unprovoked, unfair, and unjustified war against the country and completely disregarded all the rules of the modern democratic world all Ukrainians are now fighting for.

Ukraine houses up to 285 thousand IT specialists who were willing to do anything to help the Ukrainian army fight the occupants and bring victory closer.

How do Ukrainian IT specialists help Ukraine?

They keep on working no matter what

While a lot of Ukrainian men now fight for their country, some have stayed behind to make sure the Ukrainian economy is working properly. They had to make some adjustment to their home offices, and a lot of people are now working from bomb shelters or basements.

Despite this, they keep on delivering stellar performance and remain responsible and willing to work, and retain a positive attitude.

They keep on working no matter what

They organize DDoS attacks on the Russian sites and spread the truth about the war

Since February 24, various Russian websites have experienced over 1700 DDoS attacks. Websites of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russian Stock Exchange, Aeroflot, Sberbank, and so many more were forced to go offline.

To be more centralized, Ukrainian IT professionals have joined an IT Army of Ukraine. Together, they work on stopping the spread of misinformation through the Russian governmental websites.

Right now, any effort, no matter how small it might seem, helps Ukraine bring the victory closer.

They organize DDoS attacks

They donate to the army every chance they get

Ukrainian IT is one of the segments that keeps on working without interruption, even with active fighting going on close to their homes. This way, tech professionals stimulate the Ukrainian economy and pay taxes.

Their earning also allows them to make regular donations to the Ukrainian army and various charity organizations.

They fight

A lot of Ukrainian tech specialists were called up to join the fight against the Russian occupation. A lot volunteer to join the armed forces or territorial defense. Today, they are not only protecting their families and country with weapons in their hands, but they actually fight for the entire democratic world and protect Europe from horrors and atrocities committed by the Russian army in peaceful Ukrainian cities.

Ukrainian tech specialists are fighting both on the front lines and behind them. We at Outstaff Your Team are very proud of every IT specialist who restlessly works to bring the Ukrainian victory closer every day.

And, even though our entire team is safe and keeps on working just as hard as we did before February 24, we are anxiously waiting for our victory. Until then, we will do what we can for our enemies to be defeated as soon as possible.

Anna has 6-years overall experience in writing. She previously observed financial markets, conducting the daily research on the state of bonds and stocks. She is a keen reader with interest in historical literature and international cuisine. Her latest obsession — approaches to creating family-like teams in remote times.

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