Recruitment of tech specialists is no easy task. It requires patience, deep knowledge of the tech field, and deep understanding of secure hiring solutions and safe data handling.

Security concerns are among the top reasons businesses refuse to seek third-party services for team augmentation. Outsourcing and outstaffing have long become safe options for expanding the team and looking for tech professionals.

What are the main rules of safe tech team recruitment and what information does Outstaff Your Team process?

Core rules of safe tech team recruitment

There are many sides to safe tech recruitment

What rules should the recruitment team follow when looking for a perfect tech candidate?

They should only gather relevant information

85% of data gathered by businesses is useless and leads to $3.3 billion wasted on supporting the required infrastructure. When it comes to data gathering and processing, less is more. Make sure to only gather the data needed for successful tech hiring:

  • Basic personal information — candidate’s name, age, marital status
  • Job experience — candidate’s previous places of work, the most important recommendations, volunteering experiences
  • Education — candidate’s diplomas, training courses, completed seminars

The more data you gather, the harder controlling and processing it will be. Gather the data that will accelerate the hiring process and nothing more.

They have to encrypt

According to the report, 7 million of unencrypted data records are compromised every day. Data encryption is the best way for recruiters to protect the candidates’ information.

The most popular encryption algorithms are:

Using one of them is sure to decrease the chance for a data breach and information leak.

They should have a multifactor authentication tool in place

Only 26% of businesses have a multistep authentication tool. Multifactor authentication has several benefits:

  • It provides more data security than two-factor authentication
  • It makes sure the candidates, logging into the website, are who they say they are
  • It helps businesses comply with safety regulations
  • It is one of the most efficient data protection solutions in the market

Protecting tech candidates’ data and information is the number one task for recruitment agencies and outstaffing companies.

They should follow all the security regulations and train their team

GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO, CCPA — these are the core security regulations and certifications for modern businesses to comply with. Following them will protect the tech candidates’ data and make sure the vacancy is filled by the best professionals.

To follow all the data protection regulations, the entire team should know all the ins and outs of the process. Conducting regular cybersecurity seminars, providing the team with the entire scope of protective software, and simulating crisis situations will help the team stay alert in case of a real attack.

Outstaff Your Team and information

For Outstaff Your Team safety always comes first

Recruiting the best candidates for global tech companies and startups, we deal with a lot of information, and we have to make sure every piece is secure with us.

Candidates and team personal data

To find the best tech candidates to fill our clients’ vacancies, we process a large amount of personal information such as resumes, CV’s, interview recordings, and so on. Our PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA compliances as well as our ISO certification ensure all the data is safe in our system and the candidates’ privacy is protected.

We also do not store any information we no longer require. This way, we process only the data we actually need and do not waste our resources on maintaining information we can no longer use.

Client business data

Signing NDA agreements is the first order of business for every newcomer who joins Outstaff Your Team. We can sign a standard agreement or customize it according to our client’s needs and requirements. We want our clients to feel 100% safe and secure when ensuring their tech hiring to us.

Product development environment and intellectual property

When working with the client’s project data, Outstaff Your Team is neither a controller nor the processor of data. Clients’ product development environment is 100% under their own control. They decide who to share access to it with and who will be able to process data in it.

Our clients also retain all their intellectual property. Our main task is to connect them with a perfect candidate and perform any additional administrative roles they might require for their project to run smoothly.

Safe recruitment and processing of the tech candidates’ data is the top priority for our entire team. If you want us to help you safely scale and augment your team, message us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help your project develop.

Anna has 6-years overall experience in writing. She previously observed financial markets, conducting the daily research on the state of bonds and stocks. She is a keen reader with interest in historical literature and international cuisine. Her latest obsession — approaches to creating family-like teams in remote times.

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